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’18 Team Missouri: Lynna Hodgson (Day 3 of Competition)

Hodgson, Lynna_TrackThese posts come from track and field athlete Lynna Hodgson. They were originally posted on her personal blog and re-posted here with her permission. They are unedited.

So here is the recap from yesterday’s competing day. Jesse got 2nd in 50 meter run, and 3rd in standing long jump. Shaquana got 6th in 100 meter run, Brett got 4th in 800 meter run, Mark got 4th in shot put and got 7th in 200 meter run. Dustin got 3rd in 200 meter run.

I woke up at 6am this morning. I’m so glad I slept in today! Happy 4th of July to everyone and my friends. It’s 8:08am, just finished breakfast: I have one event today, and it’s 200 meter run. I’m not going to lie…..I’m nervous about my 200 meter run. But I’m going to give it all I have! Before I went to check in, coach Emily gave me some insurance, and I really needed that! I just finished my 200 meter run, and I got 3rd place. Mary got 1st, she was in my heat. Team MO athletics took medals home!! Woohoo! I got bronze, my time was 37 seconds. I beat my score they turned in by three seconds! Mary got 1st and her time was 34 seconds. Shaquana did the mini javelin and she got 1st place. Brett did running long jump. It’s 2:13pm, Shaquana, Emily and Jesse got there free shoes, Shaquana got the same colors I got lol. Jesse’s are pretty neat too!

It’s 9:30pm and I just got back from the 4th of July family outing. I felt a little uncomfortable, probably because I’m not used to that many people in one place. But when I saw my family, I felt much better! My little niece and my little nephew came down to dance with me and my teammates, and they really liked it! Tomorrow is my last event and that is shot put, after that I’m done! Happy 4th of July!