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Samantha Greenough goes to Savannah Middle School and has been helping with our new track team there. She wrote the following after volunteering at the Northwest Area Spring Games April 27. 

Savannah Greenough with Harley and Christopher at the NW Area Spring Games

Savannah Greenough with Harley and Christopher at the NW Area Spring Games

I cried many tears today…many tears of pride, honor, and appreciation. All of the athletes that competed in today’s Special Olympics track meet have touched my heart and made me a better person. I have never felt better helping others than I did today. I appreciate the opportunity SOMO has given me to be able to help the community in a positive way.

After being at the track meet for a short period of time, you start not being able to tell the difference between the athletes and the volunteers, then you just feel like one big family. I am so proud of all of the athletes today especially the Savannah athletes that I have gotten extremely close to the past month and a half. I feel honored to have had the privilege to coach these AMAZING athletes. I look forward to volunteering more of my time to the Special Olympics organization.

When you walked up to the track you could just feel the love and compassion everyone there has for one another and especially the athletes. Volunteering has helped me strive to be a better person and impact the lives of others. Also, one of the sponsors that I was helping coach told me that in all of her years of coaching she had never had a better, more positive volunteer than me which made me feel even better about what I was doing. I loved getting to work with some truly amazing people and can’t wait to donate more of my time.

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